El Torrent de la Cabana (Ruta dels 7 gorgs)

If you are looking for a mountain hike with the opportunity to take a dip from time to time, we have the perfect activity for you! Located in the province of Girona, the town of Campdevànol has many surprises and among them the Torrent de la Cabana.

The Torrent de la Cabana, also known as the Route of the Seven Waterfalls, is a popular hike for tourists and locals alike for the charm of the environment. The name of this route refers to the stream whose clear waters form the different waterfalls.
In summer, this hike offers magnificent scenery and unobstructed views of the surroundings. You will also have the opportunity to swim to cool off during the summer months. The Torrent de la Cabana can also be done in winter. In fact, with the cold weather, stalactites form on the rock walls and make the setting even more enchanting.
No matter where you start, the Torrent de la Cabana is a circular route of about ten kilometers that will ensure you a dreamy afternoon. This excursion can be suitable for a family outing or a walk with friends. However, keep in mind that the course is quite long (about 3 hours) and can be relatively difficult for the little ones. Also remember to bring something to drink, eat and protect yourself from the sun, as you will not find any stores or outlets on this hike.
This journey through mountainous landscapes will take you to seven waterfalls: the Gorg del Colomer, the Gorg Petit del Colomer, the Gorg del Forat, the Gorg de la Bauma, the Gorg de l'Olla, the Gorg de la Tosca and finally the Gorg de la Cabana.

Video edited by Finca Cal Tarré