LA MOLINA (in summer)

La Molina is located in the Catalan Pyrenees, in the valley of La Cerdanya and is the pioneer ski resort in Spain. As for its facilities, it was the first to install a ski lift in 1943. La Molina has become a modern resort with a great sporting spirit that translates into the constant celebration of international sporting events.

Visiting La Molina in summer is like visiting a high mountain theme park. The evergreen landscape, the pleasant temperature, and above all the many activities on offer make it an attraction to spend a whole day, and more. That is why every summer more and more vacationers visit it. 

Video made by La Molina

But what exactly can we do in La Molina? Here is a selection of the 10 most interesting activities.

-Cable car or chairlift ride - Possibly the Alp2500 cable car and the Cap de Comella chairlift are the most classic activity that can be done in La Molina. Once in the lift, we can enjoy the panoramic view, climb quietly up to the refuge of Niu de l'Áliga or Puig Llançada and, if you want, walk down to the foot of the slopes.

Video made by La Molina

Well, you already know the 10 most outstanding proposals to do in La Molina in summer, but keep in mind that there are a total of 23. Choose well your day and what activities you want to do. And don't worry, if you can't do them all, then you will have a good reason to visit La Molina again later!