Marathon "La Hivernal de Campdevànol"

Approximately in mid-February, Campdevànol is the ideal place to start the "Hivernal de Campdevànol", one of the most important sporting events in the province of Girona.
The Associació Esportiva Sant Grau invites you to enjoy a mountain race, which runs along the entire mountain range of Montgrony, above and below, passing through 3 peaks of 2000 meters high.
"La Covil", "Costa Pubilla", "El Roc dels Llamps", "Montgrony", The church of "Sant Pere d'Aüira", "El Pla de la Tomba", will be witnesses of your adventures, and most probably will be dressed in white to welcome us. Throughout the weekend, you can enjoy a cozy village, magnificent peaks, beautiful trails and lush forests of our town and surroundings.

Video made by MuhrkMedia with the collaboration of Garriskills

the test, scoring for the "Campionat del Ripollès de Curses de Muntanya ", will have three routes, The Race 40 km with a positive slope of 2700 meters, the Average with a positive slope of 1050 meters and the Popular of 13 km with a positive slope of 550 meters. Also, as has been done since 2016, there will be a Popular walk (non-competitive) so that everyone can enjoy the environment of Campdevànol.

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if you want to participate, stay at our farm, we are 3 minutes from the center.