Molló Parc - Meet the variety of animals of the Catalan Pyrenees

Molló Parc is an animal park located between forests and meadows in the surroundings of a natural park in the heart of the Camprodon Valley.

Throughout a 3 hours tour you will be able to walk quietly surrounded by trees and animals. You will be in the middle of nature and while you will observe different animal species: bears, lynx, wolves, golden eagles, marmots, genets, deer, wild boars, foxes ... All of them are in semi-freedom, in the best conditions of welfare and in their natural habitat. It is important to be aware that, once inside the park, the welfare of the animals is prioritized over the will of the people, so you will probably be able to see most of the animals, but we can never ensure the visualization of all of them as they behave according to their will, for this reason, you can access the park throughout the day of the visit, as long as you request it before leaving the park.

Halfway through the tour you will find a picnic area, where you can have breakfast, lunch or snack, or simply rest for a while feeling the water of the river that passes by. The most daring, in the middle of summer, even put their feet!

At the entrance / exit you will find another picnic area from where you can watch the bears and, in the good weather, is where you will find the inflatable Molló Parc.

Video made by Molló Parc

the animals in the park do not winter, only the marmots (from November to March), so you can come at any time of the year. If you come in spring, you can see nature regrow and enjoy the splendor of green that this season offers us. If you decide to come in the long summer days you will enjoy the pleasant temperature of the Camprodon Valley, which at this time is a real pleasure. Or you can come and observe the variety of colors that autumn gives us every year. Or come for a quiet walk and enjoy the stillness of winter.

The distance from Finca Cal Tarré, in the town of Campdevànol, to Molló Parc is 37.2 kilometers. Stay in one of our apartments and enjoy our environment