Workshop on the production of mató (cottage cheese)

"Formatgeria Palou" is a family farm that has been producing cheese since 2008. They have their own herd with 100 goats of the protected Payoya breed. They are dairy goats that graze in the fields of the farm.

Formatgeria Palou" produces about 870 kg of cheese per year. Their products are: cured, semi-cured, soft and fresh cheeses; floc or soft paste, mató (cottage cheese), recuit de drap (similar to a curd wrapped in cloth), Brull or brossat (similar to cottage cheese), yogurt, mató flan, mató cake and pasteurized cheeses of pepper, herbs and rosemary

their products are mainly sold in the municipal markets near the farm and at the farm itself


  • enjoy this cottage cheese making workshop.
  • Place of the experience: Campdevànol Distance from the apartment: 15 minutes on foot.
  • Group size: minimum 4, maximum 10 (for all ages)                                                                                                                                                                                             If you want to book your place in this experience, please contact us.