Climbing in Les Saleretes (Recommended for winter)

If you love climbing and want to escape from the noisy and crowded crags and enjoy a small natural paradise, we propose you to spend a day of sport in Les Saleretes, one of the areas with more history and pedigree of Gombrèn, to enjoy a quality climbing without people and surrounded by nature with the privilege of listening to the silence with the birds singing while you are enriched by magnificent views of the Pyrenees.
Les Saleretes, recommended for climbing in winter or cold days, is a small and quiet place close to other larger and more famous peaks such as Montgrony and Corones. It is easily accessible with a steep but short hike directly from the center of the village of Gombrén.
To get there by car, we will take the GI-401 road from Campdevànol. Once in Gombrén, we head to the Barri de la Costa. It is accessed by stairs located in front of the garbage and waste collection post.
From these stairs there are two access roads; one that starts from where there are installed antennas, or we can also access through a path that starts at the back of Gombrén heading to the mountainous area to take a detour that will take us to the wall of Saleretes.


We go up the stairs and at the top we walk through the narrow streets of the village with a tendency to go to the right until the antennas are in front of us. Once arrived at the antennas and always orienting us to the right, we climb the entire mountainous slope by a fairly marked path to the top. We have to pass through a fence. The crossing point is located between two trees. After passing the fence we have to walk to two rock formations protected from the collapse by metal mesh. After a small snail we continue ascending smoothly and with tendency to the right until a small rocky projection and very comfortable to circumvent. After it, and walking a little more on a very smooth downhill plain, we find the wall. The climb through this access is a little hard and some people prefer the other access.


We go up the stairs of the Barri de La Costa. We zig-zag through the narrow streets until we find a cemented slope that leads to a house with a gate painted black. Before reaching it we turn right to enter the path that leads to Les Saleretes - El Forat. The route has several slopes and we will pass through dirt and stone paths. After passing through a rocky slope, we will continue through a stretch of groves that, just at the exit, a small path starts on our right, indicated by a very small sign. This small path begins to have an inclination and presents some projections of a strong vertical rise until you reach a very rocky wall, to our left, and at the end of it we will find the final climb that will take us to the foot of Les Saleretes track, on the far left. 


- Very vertical limestone plate combined, in general, with a small overhanging section in its final meters.

- Climbing in general of aligned continuity with harder sections, and sometimes blocky, which require the appropriate technical resources.

- About 20 lines of up to 30 meters equipped with parabolas from medium-low (6c) to medium-high (7c+) grade, not very homogeneous, with some lines of the same grade being more accessible than others.

- Good foot of route, very sunny and with some space well protected from the sun.

- South face. Better for winter and cold days. Avoid very windy days.

- The most up to date reviews, which does not mean they are the best, are in the new Montgrony Climbs guide. If someone wants something more functional (a single page), and also very up to date, you can use those found on the website Ressolats Montgrony.


Do not behave irresponsibly towards the local population. It takes many years to gain their respect and only a stupid moment to lose it.

Park in the established places, without hindering the passage of vehicles - private, agricultural,...

Be respectful of the environment, structures and animals. Leave the fences of the track and/or trails as they were found, with the wire in place and respect the architecture that delimits the area, markings, milestones, trails,...

To relieve oneself in discreet places. Likewise that of the dogs.

Pick up the garbage (including adhesive tape and cigarette butts) and place it in the nearest container. Orange peels are biodegradable, but in large quantities they are unpleasant to the sight and it is difficult for them to disappear.

Do not light fires.

Do not make a fuss as noise pollution has detrimental effects on numerous species and disturbs ecosystems in protected areas and natural environments.

If you want to do this route, stay at our farm, we are 7 km from the town of Gombrén.